Vasco Sousa is originally from Perú but currently living in Connecticut as a student at Greens Farms Academy. To Vasco, the art of Filmmaking has always been a immense part of his life, even as a child he found enjoyment in producing short films and videos of his own. Beginning to grow up, he started to learn more and more about Filmmaking, shooting and editing skate videos for his small production company, known as DHskatemedia. He, however, truly found his passion for Film after moving to the United States. Independently learning more about films and filmmakers around the globe immensely opened Vasco’s mind to an entire new world he had no Idea existed. He currently writes and directs short Drama films and in the future hopes to continue to pursue his passion for this artform as a carreer. His greatest inspirations include Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick and Paul Thomas Anderson. //