Will I receive any prize for winning an award at The International Youth Film Festival?

-Yes, winners in each category will receive $500 each. Other nominated films will not receive a prize.

What is the deadline to submit a film? 

-You should submit your film by January 1, 2016.  We will determine the winners by January 15, 2016.

Do I need to be physically present at the awards ceremony? 

-No, you don’t have to be there. If you win an award, we will mail you a check with a certificate.  We will only request that you join us on a Q&A session about your film via Skype.

How will I be contacted if my film is selected for the International Youth Film Festival (IYFF)?

If the International Youth Film Festival selected your film, you will be contacted through email.

Do I have to win an award for my film to be shown at the IYFF?

-No, all nominated films in each category will also be shown along with the award-winning films.

How many films are being nominated in each category?

The IYFF will nominate five films for each category. Then, the judges will pick one winner from the nominated films for each category.

What is IYFF’s policy on copyrighted music being used in submitted videos?

-During the submission process, a Submission Release Form must be completed. IYFF does not exclude from consideration submissions that contain licensed music.

Are collaborative projects allowed for submission?

-Collaborative projects are allowed for submission, as long as the director(s) is/are age 18 or under at the time they made the film.

What category should I submit music videos to?

-All music videos should be submitted to the Experimental category.

Will IYFF exclude my film from consideration if it contains profanity and/or other explicit material?

No, IYFF will accept submissions for consideration that contain explicit material. Inclusion of this material will not influence the selection process of IYFF.

Do I need to translate my film? 

No, IYFF will accept submissions in any language, but subtitles in English would be appreciated if the film is another language.